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Bloor Street, East of Yonge Street, is an awesome area to get out and explore in Toronto. I may be slightly biased living so close to this part of town being from Yorkville. I spent a ton of time exploring it personally and professionally with many of my clients. This neighbourhood has an incredible mix of people of all ages. Young buyers are able to find an affordable condo to live in and it goes all the way up to luxury along the Bloor Street corridor. Its surrounded by parkland and ravines which are perfect for walks, taking your pet out, and you’ll even see a lot of people riding their bikes. Not just on the paths either, many have created trails for the more adventurous riders! Rosedale is just a few minutes from Toronto’s major commercial and business districts. The Rosedale neighbourhood is one of the city’s oldest oldest and wealthiest suburbs and is located just north of the Bloor Rosedale corridor. 





If you are thinking of making Bloor Rosedale home, then you are in for a treat. Bloor Rosedale is home to some of the most impressive real estate in downtown Toronto. Some of the condos along the floor east artery all the way to Broadview Avenue are a bit on the pricey side yet there are still many affordable options. So if you’re a first time buyer, young professional, family, or even downsizing, you can find something that matches your needs and budget. This corridor is definitely worth checking out even if you are not yet in the market or thinking of moving very soon. It's one of the top places in the city to live! Let me be your guide.

The neighbourhood LIFESTYLE

The Bloor Rosedale corridor is some of the most sought after real estate in the city and it’s no question why, really. Affordability and proximity to everything that the urbanites love. For starters, the location is awesome. It’s so close to downtown Toronto that you basically are downtown Toronto. All you have to do is along along Bloor Street, east of Yonge Street, and there you are. You have the Holt Renfrew Centre, Longo’s for your groceries, The Bay, the Marriott Yorkville Hotel, diners, pubs, and a ton of shops. You can find everything you want or need in this stretch of the city. Not to mention the transit system converging north, south, east, and west. You can find your way around the city easily!

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