Episode Nine: Preparing an Offer of Purchase and Sale.

Legal Agreements:

Now you are ready to put in an Offer to purchase your home. Your real estate professional will prepare your Offer. Your agent has provided the client information on recent area sales and local market information.

The details of the Offer typically include:

  • Your Legal Name and that of the Seller
  • The Legal Address of the Property
  • The Price you are Offering to pay
  • The Deposit Amount
  • Date of Offer Expires
  • The Closing Date when you take Physical and Legal Possession
  • The Date of Title Search for the Lawyer
  • Inclusions such as appliances, lighting fixtures, and window
  • coverings
  • Items that are Excluded such as a dining room chandelier
  • And conditions upon which the agreement becomes final such as Home Inspection, Financing approval, Status
  • Status Certificate of the Condo Corporation

After submitting the Offer, you should be prepared to negotiate on all of the above. Know your budget limits and requirements prior to submitting your Offer.

Understanding an Agreement of Purchase and Sale will help you be better prepared in the negotiation process.
— Vivien S.