Episode Four: How to select a Real Estate Agent

picking the right individual:

Here are the top 10 criteria that are important when selecting a real estate professional.


1. The Market

Knowledge of the Market and a Specialty Niche that the Real Estate Professional knows well, for example, the downtown Toronto market, midtown, east or west Toronto, specific geographic locations. There are demographics niches too, working with young first time buyers, step-up buyers and growing families, downsizing empty-nesters, and investors.


Maintaining constant communication with your clients during the real estate transaction process.

3. Internet Marketing

Your real estate sales representative should be savvy about social media and on-line marketing because 80% of all consumers today look for a real estate agent (and properties) on line.

4. Negotiation skill

He or she must be a good negotiator. If he or she is representing a Seller, the goal is to obtain the most money for the Seller while still being acceptable to the Buyer. Conversely, if the sales representative works for a Buyer, then the goal is to have the Buyer get the best possible price but still have it acceptable to the Seller.

5. know the numbers

Preparing a solid Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is a very important skill that your professional has to prepare and present to his/her clients.


Is your real estate salesperson/broker a single agent or part of a team? Is
that important or not? That is something a consumer should consider.

7. Experience

Does your professional have equal experience working with Buyers and Sellers?


 Is he or she working fulltime or part-time in the business?

9. Marketing plan

What is his or her Marketing Plan and what services are offered?

10. Testimonials

As a consumer, ask the real estate professional for Testimonials about what other clients say about his or her knowledge, expertise and service. Finally, there is a lot to be said about having trust and good chemistry with your client and the professional. This relationship can be a few months during the course of one transaction or, in the best scenario, last a lifetime with referrals among family, friends and business colleagues.


Developing a relationship of trust and loyalty between the client and the real estate professional will create a lifetime relationship and referrals for life.
— Vivien