Episode Eleven: Paperwork, exams and learning.

Constant learning in this business:

Real estate is all about helping people buy, sell, invest or lease real estate, whether a residential or commercial transaction. What the public does NOT realize is that we are licensed real estate professionals and we have to take exams to maintain our license and of course pay fees and pay errors and omission insurance. 

Real estate professionals are alwaysimproving their skills, constantly taking training and education courses at our brokerage, independent classes at the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) and at Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA). 

We also have to take a required on-line RECO Update Course (Real Estate Council of Ontario) and 2 Electives,, every 2 years with RECO which is the Real Estate Council of Ontario. 

Training includes:

  • New government regulations regarding the Residential Tenancies Act
  • What do Home Inspectors do?
  • Training re Digital Signing
  • New Mortgage Rules
  • New Condo Developments
  • Knowledge about all new TREB Forms and how to prepare Offers
  • Key issues about Condos and Condo Rules and Maintenance
  • Role of the Real Estate Lawyer
  • Negotiating Skills
  • Marketing Tool and Social Media
  • Real Estate Sales
A great real estate professional is always learning and improving his or her skills to best help their clients.
— Vivien S.