Ask yourself these 10 questions.

10 Questions you need to ask yourself before buying a home.

  1. What lifestyle are you looking for? Do you want a detached house, a duplex, a town house, a semi-detached or a condo?
  2. Do you enjoy maintaining a garden?
  3. Do you like entertaining?
  4. Do you travel a lot? 
  5. Are you handy fixing around the house?
  6. Do you like lots of natural light?
  7. Do you need a car and access to public transportation?
  8. Do you like to live in community setting or in a private home?
  9. If you choose to live in a condo, are you agreeable to a condo board overseeing a decision-making regarding the common areas?
  10. Are you looking for a resale and if so, how much renovation can you afford and can you tolerate?

It is very important to think about your lifestyle when you consider your ideal home. Although nothing is perfect is best to narrow the field before making a important decision.